David James Brock

Theatre, Opera, Poetry, Film

David James Brock is a Canadian writer of opera, theatre, poetry, and film.
Author of poetry collections Everyone is CO2 and Ten-Headed Alien.
Co-creator of Breath Cycle, an opera for cystic fibrosis.

Metallurgy: Online Libretti!

So Tap Ex: Metallurgy opened last night in the Distillery District and I thought it was pretty cool. The music worked (it opened like an early 70s Moody Blues record, which I dug) and I told them this, but Jonah Falco and Mike Haliechuk's final aria for the first half of the show (Metallurgy A) was friggin' beautiful. I think the remaining shows can only be better. A lot of the audience was media last night, and I was nervous, so I introduced my girlfriend to the same person twice in a span of 30 minutes. My apologies to both Erin and Michael Hutcheon.

If you're reading this, I'd urge you to check out the online program either before the show or right before. Click here for the entire program.

In addition to all the bios and creator notes, both libretti have been posted and I think it really adds to the appreciation of the show to have the words provided.

If you do anything though, you really should read Mike Haliechuk's beautiful libretto for "Metallurgy A"