David James Brock

playwright, poet, librettist

David James Brock is a Canadian playwright, poet and librettist. Author of poetry collection, Everyone is CO2. Librettist for Scottish pub opera, The Sloans Project. Co-creator of Breath Cycle, an opera for cystic fibrosis.

Interview with University of Guelph

On Wednesday September 20, I'm excited to once again teach Introduction to Creative Writing through University of Guelph - Open Education. This is the fourth time I've taught this course, but first time I've taught it with a reading list I've curated myself. I am pretty happy with the choices and think it will give the class a lot to talk about (I'll post that reading list in a subsequent blog posting).



I was fortunate to speak with Guelph's Jessica Proeller a bit about the course. Here's a snippet:

When asked if he had any advice for potential students, Brock had some great insights. “For me, there’s a cool moment when you start to believe that writing is what you do,” he explains. “You don’t have to be your own worst critic, but you do have to be your own taskmaster. As writers, it is our job to make the world seem new in a way.

You can read the full interview here.