David James Brock

playwright, poet, librettist

David James Brock is a Canadian playwright, poet and librettist. Author of poetry collection, Everyone is CO2. Librettist for Scottish pub opera, The Sloans Project. Co-creator of Breath Cycle, an opera for cystic fibrosis.

New Poem: Sunrise With Sea Monsters

I was a part of Paul Vermeersch's previous ekphrasis project They Will Take My Island, and I'm really happy to have contributed a poem to his latest project Sunrise With Sea Monsters.

 Learning words. You gotta do it.

Learning words. You gotta do it.

This latest poem is inspired by the J.M.W. Turner painting of the same name - a painting which I was lucky enough to see with my own two eyes at the Turner exhibit at the AGO in November.

  Sunrise with Sea Monsters  by J.M.W. Turner

Sunrise with Sea Monsters by J.M.W. Turner

Here's a snippet from the poem:

You’ll love my children more than I do. 
I will brag about a sapphire dug

from the sandbox. You’ll think I’m
hungover. Gin. I am, and I’ll have kid shit

in my fingernails. A night swigging art
is a hulk eschewing the shore, but the

swimmer is poor, sighs then sinks.

Check out the full poem here along side of some other wonderful poets who have also taken the Sunrise with Sea Monsters challenge.

And if you haven't submitted yet, look at the picture, write a cool poem, and submit!