David James Brock

playwright, poet, librettist

David James Brock is a Canadian playwright, poet and librettist. Author of poetry collection, Everyone is CO2. Librettist for Scottish pub opera, The Sloans Project. Co-creator of Breath Cycle, an opera for cystic fibrosis.

Paul Vermeersch's Image for Shitehawk Vinyl

Once again, my friend and artist Paul Vermeersch has nailed it. I'm presenting a new piece, Shitehawk Vinyl, at Long Winter on February 4 at the Theatre Centre. Last night, I asked Paul if he could sketch a gull on a bar napkin for me to use as the show's image, and instead, he sent me this by morning...

I can't look away...

Well, I love it. Come on by the Theatre Centre next Saturday to see what me and Melissa D'Agostino have been cooking up. It's a weird one, but I'm really happy to be working with Melissa again. Shitehawk Vinyl is a short piece about a Pacific Herring Gull who talks love, life & death while spinning Yacht Rock records. Right?

In the meantime, check out more of Paul's art.